Please review our services for examples of how NTS will improve your business processes by integrating appropriate technology solutions. Our staff has advanced experience with environments ranging from 5 users to 200,000 users in complex enterprise environments. We are capable of solving existing technical challenges, as well as working with your business on new technology ventures.​


What We Do

NTS has years of experience building new environments in the cloud and migrating environments from any source infrastructure into a cloud infrastructure.

AWS? GCP? Azure? DO? Linode/Akamai? Need help figuring out where to start? Reach out for an initial consultation to see how NTS can help.

Why let a disaster impact your business and productivity just to spend hours or days with lost revenue while recovering when you can avoid the disaster altogether?

With proper solution architecture and business continuity planning, disasters don’t have to feel like one.

Do you need a website and need help figuring out where to start? Let us help you design and host a website to help grow your business.

Are you paying too much for website hosting just to have a slow website? A slow website can cost you more than money; it can cost you potential clients. Even if you are satisfied with your site design, NTS can improve your site’s performance while reducing costs.

Do you know what an SSL Certificate is or why you need one? We can help! By not having a secured website, search engines lower your site ranking, making it harder for your customers to find your business.

Do you have a website and still use consumer email such as [email protected] instead of [email protected]? Do you struggle with email inbox delivery when sending emails to large mailing lists? With proper email hosting and email campaign management, NTS can help improve your business image.

Are you paying over $15 annually to maintain your ‘.com’ domain? If so, we can help manage your domain portfolio and reduce annual domain renewal costs.

Do you need better office WIFI? Are you a mobile vendor that needs LTE/4G/5G internet on the road? Do multiple office locations need access to shared resources, or are you looking to reduce expensive MPLS costs with SD-WAN? NTS has decades of experience solving networking and general connectivity challenges.


Affordable Enterprise Technology

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